TVR Birth of a Race Engine for the Road.

TVR Birth of a Race Engine for the Road.

The world’s ever more stringent emissions requirements were resulting in a formidable task for this low volume sportscar manufacturer. Without the combined resource of many of their competitors it was a rather pessimistic outlook for this radical and innovative company.

How to meet the tightening emissions requirements and maintain the distinctive race car feel and driving characteristics for which it had become famous. The large Tier 1 suppliers were not in a position to develop the unique strategies required and when they were able to supply the leads times were a little concerning!

Having been supplying TVR with race car systems for some time mbe stepped up to the plate and began developing a fully emission compliant 75Degree V8 Flat Plane Crank Engine management system. Far ahead of it’s time, we believe it to be one of the worlds first engines that utilised passive EGR for NOX reduction before the advent of variable cam phase control. The first emissions tests were carried out less than 1 year later and within 18 months the TVR Cerbera was on the market. TVR subsequently began it’s boom time and more and more projects followed.

It was clear that without a flexible and positive approach that this objective was unachievable.

The 4.2 liter V8 was reengineered to 4.5liter in line with the race car configuration for improved drivability and increased torque and power.

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