MBE Systems leads in the design and manufacture of engine management systems for use in the demanding field of motorsport.

As reliability is all important in the field of motorsport from the amateur to professional, all MBE motorsport products are designed and built to the same standards demanded by the large Tier 1 OEMs. Configuration and calibration is performed using MBE’s own calibration tools and employs either a USB-CAN interface (985) or USB-CAN interface incorporating adjustment knobs for quick and easy adjustment of key calibratables such as Fuel, Ignition and Boost pressure factors.


MBE design and manufacture fully integrated Engine Management Systems (EMS) for volumes up to approximately 20,000 units per year. EMS can be designed to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements including OBD2, wide band lambda, EGAS, Variable Quad Cam Phase, Direct Injection, Fuel Pressure Control. MBE have an enviable track record in reducing the potentially considerable cost of research, development and testing of EMS for low to medium market of automotive manufacturers.

  • Rapid provision of working prototypes for test cell / proving ground evaluations
  • Reduced lead times
  • Competitive development costs allied to low unit production costs
  • Lightweight and ultra compact dimensions for all embedded systems
  • Built-in flexibility for specification alteration during project life


Years ago MBE recognized that due to the high Tier 1 electronic supplier design costs, many worthy engine and transmission developments were shelved. By utilizing a modular approach to both software and electronic engineering, and by sacrificing space constraints, it was possible to supply an electronic development platform to enable research and development teams to fully exploit their ideas. All MBE motorsport products are designed and built to the same standards demanded by the large Tier 1 OEMs. 

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